Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement?

Ultimately, this will be your decision. Roof restorations can be completed for a fraction of the cost of a new roof with the results being almost the same. A roof restoration will take much less time also.

If you were intending on changing your roof material, then obviously this cannot be achieved by a restoration. If you are contemplating changing materials and getting a new roof, please request a consultation first. Often it is not just a matter of replacing the roof with another one. We need to first inspect the roof structure as a whole and determine if it is suitable for an alternative roof material.

Our roofing experts will be able to help with this decision. After an inspection, all options can be discussed and a suitable solution can be found – one that meets your requirements and budget.

How Much Does a Roof Restoration Cost?

Unfortunately we cannot give you a definitive answer without an inspection. There are many variables to cost and we would rather have them uncovered than encounter any surprises after the job has began.

However, as a very rough guide – most restoration jobs fall in between $70 – $130 per square metre. Be aware that your particular circumstance may fall outside this range.

Can You do an Inspection Today?

If we are currently in your area or nearby, yes we would make every effort to get to your place for an inspection today or tomorrow. Depending on our current work load, we may not be able to make same day or if you are far away from we are currently working. When you contact us, we will make an appointment for a suitable time.

How Long Does a Roof Restoration Take?

Roof restorations can be completed much quicker than a roof replacement. Most restoration jobs are completed in under a week. Some can be done in as little as two days.

After inspection, our trained professional will discuss with you any items found that may contribute to a pro-longed project. Such items include the amount of repairs required to your roof, site accessibility, weather forecasts, and materials availability.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

You can call (08) 7999 7570 (Click to Call) or make an enquiry through our website.