Roof Restoration Services Darwin is a team of roofing professionals that represent Darwin’s finest roofers.

Restore your roof to as good as new using our roof restoration experts. Our carefully selected roofing professionals have been chosen because of their quality of work, experience, knowledge and punctuality.

What We Do

We specialise in roof restorations; turning old, tired roofs into fresh new looking roofs. We do this because roofs can be given a new lease on life for fraction of the cost of a roof replacement. Included in our restoration process are any roof repairs that are required.

The results of a roof restoration are extremely pleasing for the home owner adding value, protection, and appeal to the home – especially because it is so much cheaper than replacing the roof.

We also carry out many roof-related services, including roof replacements, roof cleaning, and roof painting. Please see our Services page for more detail on related services.

What It Costs

Simply put, restoring your roof can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement. Each home has its own circumstances thus each roof restoration is different.

For a very rough guesstimate, you could expect to pay between $70 and $130 per square metre for a roof restoration.

Our Darwin Roofers are happy to come and inspect your roof and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Please be aware there are factors that will affect pricing which may or may not apply to your situation. Factors include size of roof (obviously), roof construction material, site accessibility, roof condition and roof repairs required.

How Long It Takes

Most roof restoration jobs in Darwin take less than one week to complete with the majority of those being completed in as little as two days. We always plan ahead and check various conditions which may cause problems to prevent any unnecessary delays to your job.

There are of course elements that may cause delays – issues such as weather and moisture content, material availability and site access can contribute to delays of a job.

Upon inspection of your roof, you will be advised of any foreseen issues that may cause a delay to your job.

Call Us Now

Contact us immediately if you have any urgent roof repairs required. If you are looking for a roof restoration quote, please call us or you use our Contact Us page for alternate methods of contact.

Our consultant will discuss your needs with you and arrange a suitable time for an on-site inspection.